What is Wordle?

  • Wordle is a free, web based Word Cloud creator.

Wordle: What is Wordle?

  • A quick tutorial:

What do I need to know about Wordle before using it with my students?

  • Free, no ads
  • Very simple, easy to use interface
  • Requires no personal information or signup
  • Can be embedded in websites
  • Requires screencapture software to save if not saving to Wordle gallery

Student Tech Skill

  • Minimal typing skills if typing directly into interface -- can copy and paste text
  • Basic Internet navigation skills and safety knowledge (do not insert personal info into Wordles)
  • Advanced skills to embed in website or blog

How can I use Wordle as an assessment device?

  • Wordle can used as a way to display brainstorm ideas. It will automatically emphasize the most repeated ideas.
  • Guess the Wordle. Jen Wagner creates Wordles for students to analyze and guess the topic or category. This can easily be adapted to key words from content area classes, parts of speech, find the commonality of the words, etc. Develops critical thinking skills.
  • Vocabulary Study -- Antonym and Synonym study (see example below)
  • Use Wordles to assess student ability to determine the main idea or gist of a group of words. http://www.boxoftricks.net/?p=103
  • Create Slideshows in Flickr for Vocabulary Review (formative or self-assessment)
  • Use Wordle to evaluate writing. Paste student writing in Wordle to see which words are repeated most.


  • The following Wordle displays synonyms of what vocabulary word?