What is Voki?

  • Voki is a free service that enables teachers and students to express themselves on the Web in their own voice, using a talking character. Anyone can customize their Voki to resemble them or look like many types of characters, such as people, animals, historical figures, and many more. A Voki can speak using your own voice, an uploaded file, or by typing in a message (called text-to-speech). Your Vokis can be posted on your class blog, website, or anywhere online.

What do I need to know about Voki before using it with my students?

  • Voki is a free service, but with ads. Voki will remain free to use, for all educators and students.
  • Currently, Voki scenes that you embed are also ad-free!
  • Extremely easy to use and teach. Can be used with primary students.
  • Several ways to create voices for Voki, including audio recording and text-to-speech.
  • Students over 13 may create their own account. Students under 13 must share teacher account.
  • Good teacher support area including lesson plans.

Required Technical Skill and Equipment

  • Equipment

    • Computers with Internet Access
    • Audio recording equipment and headphones if utilizing record functions
  • Technical Skill

    • Basic computer and Internet Navigation Skills
    • Basic keyboarding skills if utilizing text-to-speech functions
    • Advanced skill -- embedding Voki into Blog or other Website

How can I use Voki as an assessment device?

  • Since Voki recordings are limited to 90 seconds they make a great vehicle for presenting short summaries. Summarization is a skill that many students need practice and by utilizing Voki, they must boil information down to the very essential.

Student Examples

  • Biography Summaries