What is Quizlet?

  • Quizlet is a free flashcard creation and study website.

What do I need to know about Quizlet before using it with my students?

  • Extremely easy to create flashcard sets.
    • Access is also available to hundreds of previously made flashcard sets.
  • Quizlet offers both free and cost plans.
    • Plus (paid) plan $10 per year.
    • Free plan includes ads.
  • Quizlet registration and the ablility to create flashcards is limited to persons over 13.
    • Membership requires e-mail address.
    • Real time chat feature for registered members. This may be turned off for individual sets of flashcards.
  • Elementary teachers may sign up and create flashcards to share with their classes.
    • Teachers may share flashcard URL with their classes.
    • Teachers may embed flashcards into class websites, wikis, Edmodo.
  • Upper school teachers may assign students to create flashcard sets.
    • Gives students practice in determining importance.
  • Free plan allows you to utilize Flickr images. Paid plan allows you to upload your own images.

Student Technical Skill

  • Basic computer and Internet navigation skills required
  • Basic Internet Safety rules

How can I use Quizlet as an assessment device?

Example Learning Objectives
(Bloom's Taxonomy)
Examples of Appropriate Assessments
Formative and Self-Assessment
Summative Assessment
  • Recall
  • Recognize
  • Identify
  • Name
  • Recall or recognize terms, facts or concepts
  • Fact Practice and Self-Assessment
  • Learn Mode allows students to test self
  • Game Mode appeals to competitive kinesthetic learners
  • Test Mode gives students practice with a variety of different question formats.
    • Auto grade function allows students to review missed questions.
  • Quizlet is designed to be a study tool so does not keep track of student scores for teachers, however,
    • Auto-graded test mode is available and may be printed out for teachers
    • Students may restart quiz / test so may need to set a time limit

Embedded Example