Challenges of Using Web 2.0 Tools for Assessment

  • Matching the learning objective to the appropriate tool for assessment. Never use technology just for the sake of using technology. Establish your learning objective and then choose an appropriate tool. For example, you might use the following tools to assess these thinking skills.

Bloom's Diagram:

  • plus.gifThe benefits of utilizing any technology tool should always out weigh the cost of the time needed to teach any necessary technical skills. Assure that the technology adds value to student's learning. Choose tools that may be utilized for other assignments. Is it worth the time to learn how to use a tool that will only be used only once?

  • $$$$$$$$ Use free tools when possible. Many web tools are free or very inexpensive. $$$$$$$$

  • Choose tools that are easy to learn and use. You do not want to be measuring a student's ability to utilize the technology instead of the core curricular learning objective.

  • Never use a tool where you must give personal information about your students. Your students' safety and privacy is paramount.

  • Remember, Dr. Clif Mims adage,

"It's not about the technology. It's about the learning."