The Book Report goes High Tech and Becomes Collaborative:

The PDS Booktrailer Project:

  • Resources:
  • Equipment:
    • Flip Camera or other Video Camera
      • (Flip cameras are currently available to Educators through DigitalWish.Org at a price of 2 for $150).
    • Video Editing Software
      • iMovie -- Apple
      • Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Elements -- PC
    • Greenscreen
      • a large green sheet or shower curtain works well
    • Garageband -- Apple -- to compose music
    • Video Sharing Website
      • can be school or public if care is taken
      • recommend Vimeo
  • Curricular Assessment: Assess student comprehension of a novel's key literary elements.
  • Added Value:
    • Deep understanding of the novel in order to summarize book effectively in the book trailer
    • Develops creative thinking processes in creating scenes and composition of music.
    • Must work collaboratively to develop project.
    • Engages and creates excitement in reluctant readers.
  • Fourth grade boys created booktrailers based upon their literature circle books.
    • Courtney Humphrey's Blog Post Reflection about the project.
    • Students told at the beginning of their lit circles what the culminating project was to be -- created an air of excitement and engagement.
  • Procedure
    • Boys read books and discussed extensively in their literature circles.
    • After completing the books, they worked collaboratively to develop storyboards, keeping in mind the requirements set forth in the project rubric.
      • Students had to make sure they included information about the main characters, theme, conflict, and setting of the book
      • Students must plan for transitions and consider mood of scenes.
      • Students composed music for the videos in Garageband to avoid copyright issues with soundtracks.
    • Flip cameras were utilized in filming.
    • Students used a green sheet as a greenscreen.
    • Movies were edited in iMovie. Students had learned iMovie basics earlier in the year when they completed simple math videos using the integrated webcams on their Macbooks.
    • Videos were uploaded to Vimeo and featured on Digital Booktalk website to share with a larger audience.

Example Booktrailers from PDS 4th grade:

4C Liberation of Gabriel King from Presbyterian Day School on Vimeo.